Development Update 3

It has been an eventful two-week period. We have been recording gameplay for a grand new gameplay trailer now available on Youtube:

We are still working on the Features Trailer. We are also preparing Grounds of Glory Greenlight campaign that should be up once the Features Trailer is done (ETA is two weeks). As always, we fixed quite a few issues related to gameplay and visuals. The healer received grand new variants of the Tier 2 gear recolors.


Finally, all Tier 2 gear pieces have male and female variant for each class. Each Tier 2 piece has three texture variations that make them feel unique. We also transfered all the weapons so they the same weapons are available for male and female.

The camera system also received a major refactor. The camera is offset so you zoom in to head instead of the body. When the camera is clipped by the angle, it no longer goes inside the body but is put above your character. This only happens if you are near wall and are facing the camera away from walls.

Screenshot 2017-04-01 13.30.25