Development Update 6

We are proud to present a rework of Temple Gorge map that will go live for today’s testing!


This is not just a visual upgrade but also layout upgrade. Collisions are much tighter now, there is more room to hide in the starting areas and on outer edges, and we added additional rocks on each side where you can hide from the projectiles (but not from direct spells). Hopefully, this update will make fighters happier when dueling mages.



The topdown view shows a lot of details we have added to make it more enjoyable: there are temple ruins, a small lake and some trees with grass and bushes that grow because the water is present.

This is not the only update that happened in the last three weeks. We also:

  • upgraded to a new version of Unreal Engine, 4.16. This gives us better performance and new features for the future (like volumetric fog and clothing)
  • when hovering over spell tooltips, we show in-game range for each spell with a circle marker
  • hovering over Play button now shows the number of players online and, if in queue, the number of players in that specific queue bracket
  • intergrated Google Analytics so we can better see how you play the game
  • mediate no longer breaks on damage over time

A lot more is coming in the following weeks so stay tuned!