Development Update 7

It has been a bit more than 2 weeks since the last update. We have been busy. Next on the rework list was the Tutorial map. While it is not finished yet, we have found a way to plant it with more vegetation, correct most of the issues and add a lot of variation to it. Here is the result.


We use SpeedTree for all the trees which gives us a lot of realism as they also move in wind and have good ambient occlusion map. For far away trees, we use billboards that are baked from the original tree meshes.


For the scene, we used Exponential Fog for the distance but we also added a combination of fog sheets and particle volumetric fog spawners. Volumetric fog is a new feature. Take note in the sun lightning up the fog.


We also added a lot of vegetation, like ivy on the walls, and more procedural grass and rocks on the ground. The tutorial map is also full of crate supplies, barrels and seeds.


We can’t wait to show you the new fighter character in action in the next update!