Development Update 8

Summer “break” is over. Well, we have been working hard but I admit that we did isolate ourselves from the outside world to finish a lot of content. So sorry for no updates but it was easier this way.

Let us first talk about character redesign for fighter. We felt that the model and animations just aren’t good enough for the old model, so we not only changed parts but created everything from scratch. Yes, this means new model, new gear sets, weapons, and new animations. While some aspects, mostly animations, are still work in progress, we can finally share how it looks in action. You can check the new animations, fighter model and a few gear variants in this video:

Or check some screens of one of the armor tiers and a weapon variant:



You might have noticed the new arena content in the video. Yes, a brand new arena Ruins of Alka’ar.



The battle in Ruins of Alka’ar is mostly fought in the central region even tough you can stay in you starting room as well to find additional cover. After pillar gets destroyed in center, it creates a ramp to the upper part and thus adds additional fighting ground and cover to this basic “Nagrand” layout.

We have deprecated Cradle of Victors until we do rework on that map as well. We also improved a lot of bits in tutorial map so now it has more details and lightning looks better:

I probably missed a lot. For one, I did not show all the available weapons for fighter (there are 7 new weapons), nor all the available gear. We are still ironing out some details and bugs but we believe the game is getting its visual charm now. Until next time! I promise it will be sooner than 2 months!