Development Update 9

We had a busy schedule lately. We have attended the Slovenian Games Conference where we also setup the boot for attendents to play!


The feedback was really good. We especially loved that players that played it last year noticed our efforts in visuals, animation and user experience. We have also participated in Nordic Game Discovery session. Sadly, we didn’t win but hopefully we left good impressions.


We are working really hard to deliver a polished product. While fighter is almost reworked, we are already working on the next class and hopefully the next update we can show progress on that part. We have refactored of many of our “behinds the scenes” systems: database and lobby servers are performing much faster, the game servers consume less CPU, the startup should be faster etc.

The gameplay changes are also part of this development update. We introduced stats on gear. Note that this change will NOT make Grounds of Glory pay to win as you can get the same character attributes by just playing, i.e. you cannot buy yourself an advantage that others without money cannot get over time. We opted for three stats system: power (increasing damage and healing), defence (decreasing damage taken) and cooldown reduction (reducing the cooldowns of all spells). Each season we intend to increase stats on gear by a minor amount so you want the new gear but can still easily compete with the gear from older seasons.

Screenshot 2017-10-21 10.33.53

There have been remarks that double DPS combos are doomed if they mess up the initial setup. That is why we added an experimental feature; when out of combat, you now slowly (1% per second) regenerate health. This should allow players to slowly recover health when kiting and hiding behind pillars. We know that this will break 1v1 balance slighlty but duels are not meant to be played for anything else but practice anyway.