Development Update 10

We are really happy with the development lately. We upgraded to a new version of Unreal Engine, and got improvements in lightning quality, especially regarding the volumetric fog and lightning when you stand in shadow. We also optimized the memory usage and disk size, the packaged game is now 30% smaller than it was – we are at 4.3 GB at the moment. We expect to get further improvements when we replace old arenas and characters. We also took some time to clean up the code and get rid of all those nasty warnings.HighresScreenshot00004

We are finally ready to show the healer. While it is not yet fully animated, we are fairly confident you will be able to play it soon.

Screenshot 2017-11-08 21.03.02

The healer already has one gear set (with some recolors pending) and we are already in the process of making the second one.

The new arena is also in the making. This time we go high in the mountains to fight in the middle of the lake. The background is set but we still have a lot of work to finish the interior of arena. We hope you will like it!


Until next time!