Development Update 11

We are back with more content! This time, Ice Arena is (nearly) finished and we can share some screenshots:


The arena is on the island on the lake, surrounded by snowy vulcanic mountains from all sides.

The players from opposing teams start fairly close here, with only a big rock divising them at start. You can opt in to fight direcrly or choose to hide using the big central rock or behind the platform. All three smaller pillars are destructible so they only provide cover for one projectile.



We are still looking for an appropriate name for the arena. Please write to us if you have any suggestions.

We are also very close to finishing the new healer model with all animations and two tiers of gears. We hope that we can release update on that soon.

From the gameplay side, we are changing out of combat healing that did not work well in playtests. In each arena, we place a buff platform.


The platform server two purpuses. When out of combat, you can step on it to receive a healing buff. The buff stays on you for 14 seconds and heals you for approximatelly 4000. Teams without healer can use it to partly recover from a bad situation. You lose the buff immediatelly when entering combat. If at any point, we come to 1v1 situation, the platform no longer provides healing buff. Instead, when out of combat the dueling players will receive slow that grows stronger and stronger over time (1% slow per second, capped to 70%). The only way to remove it is to step on the platform. As the platform is always placed in the open, we will force them to fight there. Whoever steps on the platform can easily catch or outrun the opponent and thus has a big advantage in the fight.