Development Update 13

We have had eventful weeks again. We have had a few tests, also with new members of community, and they liked the game and the progress.

As for the new changes, efforts were put into making user interface in selection screen more friendly and transparent. We have reordered some functionality and replaced elements on the bottom with a popup windows. We also added camera blur on the environment to put character into focus.

Screenshot 2018-01-30 19.39.12


We also improved our gameplay sudden death element. We already have permanent damage (10% of any damage dealt cannot be healed) to limit the duration of the match. To tackle with possible infinite CC kiting scenarios that could occur in 1v1, we now also shrink the arena. If it comes down to 1v1 (and 1v1 only), the playable area will shrink towards the central healing platform. If you stand outside of the region, you take periodic damage. This will force the game to end in a minute or two.

Screenshot 2018-01-30 21.00.24


Last but not least we can show the mage rework in progress. Animations are still missing but we expect you will be able to play it soon. Here is a preview of Tier 1 gear for the mage (without textures on body):