Development Update 14

We are slowly approaching a time to invite more players to test the game. We have had a few fruitful tests where we discovered a few bugs that are being fixed. The tests had focused on progression system, i.e. we disabled fast leveling and see checked how the players would really experience the game. This was also the first time AI players were part of matchmaking process – if you are in queue for too long, the missing spots are filled with AI players that try to match their difficulty to your rating.

You can view one of the testing sessions here (some amoungs each other and some against AI players):

We added some additional features to the game, visually most notably the cloak with proper cloth physics (it looks much better in animation):

ScreenCloak3 ScreenCloak2


A lot of work has been done on servers, AI not doing stupid things (there are still situations of course) and stability in general. We are also very close to completing the new mage character! We also fixed the bug that did not allow us to replay recorded game – you will be able to view your games against others really soon. This also immensely helps with debugging process. We have been tweaking the matchmaking process and we feel we are really close to a good solution. We might write more about it in the next development update. Until then, have fun, and be ready to test GG really soon!