Development Update 17

A lot has happened since the last update. We managed to pull off quite a large test. The Reddit post attacted quite a few people. We showed a new action montage to get the players interested:

As a consequence, more than 40 players played the game over previous weekend. We are really proud that servers were running smoothly and players were enjoying themselves. We also got a some feedback how to further improve the game.

On the development side we are continuously working on improving the visuals and making progression rewards better. We introduced 2H animation for fighter (a short preview available below):

We also added new cloaks and fixed a few visual and some minor gameplay bugs. Hopefully we will iron out all the glitches as soon as possible.

In the latest build we introduced the following gameplay changes (with some of them directly influenced by our beta testers for smoother gameplay experience):

  • Mage’s ice age can be dispelled
  • increased the duration of bleed (healing reduction debuff, fighter) and singed (shielding reduction debuff, mage) from 16 to 24 seconds. This will make healer combos harder
  • Mage’s ice age and lightning are now instants instead of 0.25 casts (that could be interrupted luckily, especially by AI)
  • You can cancel casting after 0.1 from start instead of 0.4 seconds as before. This should improve responsivness
  • New sounds for fighter impacts, new sounds for some abilities
  • Mage’s flash slightly longer
  • Fighter’s damage slightly increased

We are continously improving the matchmaking experience and growing the community. We are really lucky to have active community members on our Discord server!