Development Update 18

And we are back! We had some time off to recharge batteries but don’t worry, we are already working really hard.

I am really happy to say that we went through some bureaucracy like creating a company (we are called GG Studios by the way), and registering the game with Steam. This means that soon we will be running tests through Steam which will simplify updates and test scheduling! We also plan to integrate services like chat and achievements with Steam.

Watch out for Beta Keys in the following month!

We don’t have new visual or gameplay related stuff to show yet but don’t worry, those are also being developed. The main goal of last month’s progress was to rewrite backend servers. We switched to MongoDB which should allows us a lot of flexibility and scalability should we need it. Servers have also been migrated to Amazon Cloud for better scalability and locality. We now host them in US-West region.

There is still a lot to be done but we are getting close to fully scalable game server architecture that should support thousands of players online at the same time.