Development Update 20

It has been a few productive weeks. We felt that it was time to start the polishing phase. That meant no new gameplay stuff (at least this update), but a lot of bug fixes, user experience improvements and finishing off some on-going features. We also made many visual improvements for recent specialization spells and talents.

Firstly we would like to showcase a new character creation screen. It is not swamped with information like the previous one, and has some nice UI transitions to get you started.

Many other UI parts have also been enhanced. We have a new achievements tab that shows which titles you have received and which are still to be achieved, as well as quests pane that shows pending (daily) quests. Shop has also been reworked, showcasing the rarity of items and the rating/game requirement for each item.

In the game, there was confusion with how to setup controls for you spells. The game now has a new keybinding system in the Controls Menu where you can visually set the keybinds for spells. We still allow you to set “special” keybinds, like focus, self and mouse-over casting for each spell.

As far as gameplay is concerned, we went through all skills, talents and specializations. There are quite a few. We needed to test 4 masteries per specialization (x3) per class (x3), all together 36 masteries. There are even more talents (72 altogether) and 35 skills. We have found bugs, description mistakes and inconsistencies, and have fixed the majority of them.

We also (finally) imported a new gear set for fighter. A new weapon is also included in the preview.

The new build is now live and includes many smaller but noticeable fixes that we never managed to incorporate before. We have listed just a few important ones (and omitted some really nasty bugs that we are not proud of). We will continue to try to polish the game in the future as there are still a few bad experiences.

In the near future, we are looking forward to providing a better Steam integration like chat, leaderboards and achievements. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we think we are on the right path to supply a polished product to each and every one of you!