Grounds of Glory is a project started in 2014 but it had been in our minds for much longer – it was and still is the game we want to play. Before that, we didn’t feel experienced enough to tackle such a huge project but after publishing some smaller games, and especially with the release of the Unreal Engine 4 to general public, we believed our time had come. At that time, the project was codenamed Arenaz, signifying its true purpose: a balanced, player versus player arena based game, set in a fantasy world but without the huge world component – this is just something we could not hope to achieve with a small team. We wanted the combat to feel tactical, promoting positioning, teamwork and correct skill use over the need very fast reactions and aiming common to shooter and arcade-style games. In our opinion, this gives games fun that lasts way longer, and it does not feel like you are just spamming abilities as soon as they come off cooldown. While you can play any class, each has a specific role and unique ability set that other classes do not have – they are not mixes where every class has all abilities. We also want all players to enjoy the game equally, therefore there is no grinding, no pay-to-win elements, just pure fun. May the better player win!


Žiga Osolin –  Programmer

Maj Osolin – 3D Artist, Animator

Andrej Kos – 2D and 3D Artist

Jan Kogoj – Programmer

Contact info: info@groundsofglory.net