Arenas & Battlegrounds

Temple Gorge

Located in the middle of a desert near an oasis, this area was once a place of worship. Now everything that remains are two obelisks and four smaller monuments. The map is structured with high ground platforms and destructible pillars providing great line of sight in the early game. But don’t get comfortable too soon, since if destroyed, the pillars provide a new path open for new attack angles.








Cradle of Victors


In the middle of the Highlands, resides the arena called Cradle of Victors. Many a warrior has fallen in this remote place, but among the strong that prevailed, heroes were forged and legends made. The arena was recently adopted by new inhabitants of the mountains that thirst for games and blood. Cradle of Victors has two levels; the bottom sand region that is connected with a ramp to bridges that lead to the center of the arena, a tower.

Screenshot 2017-03-18 23.53.02








Located in the Grasslands hill area is a mage temple Alka’ar. Mages left the Grasslands long ago and what is left is the ruin of their former glory. Once the magic protection was gone, the local people started visting the ruins, first to explore and later to organize tournaments in them.

This arena is not yet available in the game but will use the same architecture as the screenshot below.