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Development Update 4

A lot has been going on lately. We had a boot at the Reboot Develop 2017 in the beatiful city of Dubrovnik, where we received a lot of valuable feedback from the experts in the games industry. We learnt a lot on the conference from talks by Tim Cain (Fallout, Pillar’s of Eternity, South Park game), Johnathan Blow (Braid), Johan Sjoberg (City Skylines, Pillar of Eternity) … We also met with a lot of fellow Indie developers.


The Greenlight is still in progress but we received a lot of very positive comments. As a side effect, we are very happy to announce that MANY people have signed up for the closed beta testing. We are thus preparing a stable version and are actively testing the servers. We estimate that the second round of closed beta keys will be given in 1-2 weeks.

Apart from that, we already tested the game with the first round of closed beta participants. We were finally able to test proper 3v3 and are taking their feedback to make Templar feel more like a tank by changing some masteries. A lot of work has also been done on the server stability, matchmaking and some other minor visual changes.


Steam Greenlight & Closed Beta Access

The Greenlight Campaign for Grounds of Glory is online. Please vote for our item so we can release the game on Steam!


We are also announcing the start of closed beta stage together with Greenlight campaign. Anyone who want to play the game before it is officially released should register here.



Development Update 3

It has been an eventful two-week period. We have been recording gameplay for a grand new gameplay trailer now available on Youtube:

We are still working on the Features Trailer. We are also preparing Grounds of Glory Greenlight campaign that should be up once the Features Trailer is done (ETA is two weeks). As always, we fixed quite a few issues related to gameplay and visuals. The healer received grand new variants of the Tier 2 gear recolors.


Finally, all Tier 2 gear pieces have male and female variant for each class. Each Tier 2 piece has three texture variations that make them feel unique. We also transfered all the weapons so they the same weapons are available for male and female.

The camera system also received a major refactor. The camera is offset so you zoom in to head instead of the body. When the camera is clipped by the angle, it no longer goes inside the body but is put above your character. This only happens if you are near wall and are facing the camera away from walls.

Screenshot 2017-04-01 13.30.25

Development Update 2

We can say it out loud now: Grounds of Glory will be presented at the Reboot Develop Conference in Dubrovnik in a little bit more than a month. The last two weeks we have been working on finalizing all the gameplay and visual elements so we can make amazing presentation videos!

We added additional destructible elements to both of our arenas. These make the game even more dynamic.

Screenshot 2017-03-18 23.54.39

Screenshot 2017-03-18 23.53.02

A lot of work has been put into improving the lightning in all arenas. Fighter and mage have armor material variations. The new healer gear is coming up shortly!

Screenshot 2017-03-18 23.47.48

Screenshot 2017-03-18 23.47.16

The client and in-game UI also received many user experience improvements. The shop now also contains avatars, lootboxes and spell visuals. We are really happy with all the progress!

Development Update 1

I know, no update for a while. It just feels that we never have time to write about all the new stuff we are working on. But we should make time!

So from now on, we pledge to give you updates more frequently. We already started posting progress pictures on Facebook and Twitter account more frequently but from now on,
we will also post a Development report every two weeks. One week is a bit too short and in more than two weeks, you already forget about all the changes made.

With that being said, this is the first (rather lengthy) report for the main improvements done in the last two months. Many more are on the way.

First, we added a lot of things to the client. We have redesigned the character creation scene and properly implemented the shop and inventory system. We also added many sounds like button clicks to the client.

Item drop rewards are now gives with Loot Boxes that you can open in the client to gain an item reward.

We have reworked our sky and lightning systems in all arenas and added some day/night and weather conditions to them.



Tutorial nearly finished

We have been quiet but not idle for the last few months. After reworking the talent system and introducing leveling that unlock certain abilities and talents, the focus has been to create a new content for tutorial and probably another arena and/or battleground. Here are some screenshots:





The last two months have been almost solely dedicated to making the starting experience as good and as smooth as possible. To remove some of the complexity when you start playing, the abilities now unlock with levels so you gradually learn them as you play. We are also creating a very thorough tutorial for each class where we teach the basics.

We also started working on the progression system up to the end game experience. The major stages of playing are:

  1. Level 1-9: unlock additional abilities
  2. Level 10: unlock specializations and masteries
  3. Level 11-29: unlock talents, i.e. you can choose to replace up to three existing abilities with their improved/specialized versions
  4. Level 30+: participate in seasonal rankings with elite rewards (3 month per season)

We are also working on the economy, have completely rewritten the matchmaking system and are adding an additional 5v5 map where players compete for points (domination) instead of in a traditional deathmatch. We hope the later will allow more casual play and easier learning experience. Expect to hear more on all the new features in the upcoming posts!

Talents rework and new mage set

Talents are now reworked so you can choose 3 out of 6 available ability improvements in each specializations. These improvements then have a major impact in the game. For example, Templar can choose to improve the Weapon throw to pull the target to him instead of knocking it back on hit.

Additionally, we also added a new mage set!

Mage Tier 3 Gear

Grounds of Glory Trailer is out!

Class presentation videos, visual quality and more

In the previous weeks, we have been working extensively on the game presentation. For new players, we released guides available on our Youtube channel Grounds of Glory Youtube :

We also created intro video and added a lot more posts to facebook page. What is more, we are in the process of updating the website with new, up-to-date content in a much nicer form. At the same time, we work heavily on game visuals and other balancing issue. Below is a picture of the Temple Gorge in a different weather condition with a new male healer option!