Crowd control

Crowd control

Controlling enemies is an essential way to victory. More »



Heals, shields and support his allies. More »

Line of sight

Line of sight

Projectiles can be blocked mid-air. Allies can also intercept them. More »



Mage is a master of ranged combat and control. More »

Destructable Arena

Destructable Arena

Every arena has destructible smaller structures. No position is safe for long! More »



Master of close combat, fighters are also good at disrupting an opponent. More »


Development Update 1

I know, no update for a while. It just feels that we never have time to write about all the new stuff we are working on. But we should make time!

So from now on, we pledge to give you updates more frequently. We already started posting progress pictures on Facebook and Twitter account more frequently but from now on,
we will also post a Development report every two weeks. One week is a bit too short and in more than two weeks, you already forget about all the changes made.

With that being said, this is the first (rather lengthy) report for the main improvements done in the last two months. Many more are on the way.

First, we added a lot of things to the client. We have redesigned the character creation scene and properly implemented the shop and inventory system. We also added many sounds like button clicks to the client.

Item drop rewards are now gives with Loot Boxes that you can open in the client to gain an item reward.

We have reworked our sky and lightning systems in all arenas and added some day/night and weather conditions to them.



Tutorial nearly finished

We have been quiet but not idle for the last few months. After reworking the talent system and introducing leveling that unlock certain abilities and talents, the focus has been to create a new content for tutorial and probably another arena and/or battleground. Here are some screenshots:





The last two months have been almost solely dedicated to making the starting experience as good and as smooth as possible. To remove some of the complexity when you start playing, the abilities now unlock with levels so you gradually learn them as you play. We are also creating a very thorough tutorial for each class where we teach the basics.

We also started working on the progression system up to the end game experience. The major stages of playing are:

  1. Level 1-9: unlock additional abilities
  2. Level 10: unlock specializations and masteries
  3. Level 11-29: unlock talents, i.e. you can choose to replace up to three existing abilities with their improved/specialized versions
  4. Level 30+: participate in seasonal rankings with elite rewards (3 month per season)

We are also working on the economy, have completely rewritten the matchmaking system and are adding an additional 5v5 map where players compete for points (domination) instead of in a traditional deathmatch. We hope the later will allow more casual play and easier learning experience. Expect to hear more on all the new features in the upcoming posts!

Talents rework and new mage set

Talents are now reworked so you can choose 3 out of 6 available ability improvements in each specializations. These improvements then have a major impact in the game. For example, Templar can choose to improve the Weapon throw to pull the target to him instead of knocking it back on hit.

Additionally, we also added a new mage set!

Mage Tier 3 Gear

Grounds of Glory Trailer is out!

Class presentation videos, visual quality and more

In the previous weeks, we have been working extensively on the game presentation. For new players, we released guides available on our Youtube channel Grounds of Glory Youtube :

We also created intro video and added a lot more posts to facebook page. What is more, we are in the process of updating the website with new, up-to-date content in a much nicer form. At the same time, we work heavily on game visuals and other balancing issue. Below is a picture of the Temple Gorge in a different weather condition with a new male healer option!




Level of details for all meshes


We are adding level of details to all meshes. For the end user, this means performance improvements by up to 25% in some scenes.

We are using a very powerful plugin that has just become available for Unreal Engine 4: InstaLOD. It allows us to take our in-game meshes and create a lower triangle representation of it. When we look at a mesh from afar, we use that representation instead of the high resolution one. We typically create 3 representation of the mesh: base level of detail, followed by two reduction with 50% and 20% of the original geometry. Up until now, we only used this technique for rocks and some other static elements. We created levels of detail manually. Because of the automation, we can now apply levels of details to all meshes!

Game recording, new animations and more

In the past few weeks, we have been working heavily on transfering the game to the new Unreal Engine version. There are a few goodies that came out of it

  • the alt-tab problems where the keyboard responded incorrectly is fixed
  • movement is more reliable
  • performance improvements
  • demo recording works in all arenas (this was an issue before 4.11) – we can finally review games at any pace we want, scroll back, check why we lost etc.
  • capsule shadows; a shadow approximation in areas with only indirect lightning

Apart from the new version, we are reworking most of the animations – they are now much more explosive and unique. Mage’s weapon has been redesigned, and is now floating above his hand. All mage animations are also changed.

Unreal Engine 4.11 Released

With the release of the engine’s new version, we anticipate performance improvements. The work of porting to the new version are on the way – we are having a few issues but nothing we can’t resolve in a week or so. Major improvements in this version that should effect GG are:

  • improved performance (they say 10%+)
  • skin, hair, cloth and eye shading models
  • capsule shadows – basically shadows also in regions that are entirely in shade
  • stability improvements